Yung Flamingo Club

Chief design officer (CDO)
Jake Augunas is a synthesizer of language, art, design, and technology, Jake seeks to combine a diverse array of disciplines and creative practices in order to solve both the mundane and extraordinary problems people face in their daily lives. Design, flow and sometimes co-hosting for the Yung Flamingo Club, Jake is a definitely a ‘Jake of all Trades’ here at Yung Flamingo Club.

Chief marketing officer (CMO)
Travis Allen is living the slow life. With Allen’s genius he’s proven to be the catalyst of many things happening currently within Yung Flamingo Club. Travis Allen is methodical, when it comes to execution, Allen executes with precision. Picture Travis driving a car, and the decision is to make a left and get to your destination, or go right and get lost, Travis will always go left and make the right decision every time. Travis Allen is irreplaceable here at Yung Flamingo Club. 

Chief technology officer (CTO)
Montana Mendy is the original founder of Yung Flamingo Club. Montana Mendy resides in San Francisco, CA, and sometimes in Los Angeles, CA. Mendy has been a software engineer since the age of 16. He has a strong affinity of combining art and technology together in various ways, one of the ways he does this other than what’s in the pipeline currently? He’s the host of Yung Flamingo Club.

Chief creative director (CCD)
Justin Purser is from Los Angeles where he works in the entertainment, advertising, and growth hacking industry. As a director, he’s directed a feature film, music videos, and commercials. He also was one of the original creators of one of the most famous MCN’s which shook up Hollywood and set the stage for influencer marketing. He’s catalyzing the team’s creativity for the club.