Yung Flamingo Club

Yung Flamingo Club is about people from all walks of life who’ve used technology uniquely for expression, business, relationships, and everything in between.

Yung Flamingo Club (YFC) is a LLC based in California started by Montana Mendy, Jake Augunas, Travis Allen and Justin Purser. Yung Flamingo Club is a simple format podcast. Montana Mendy and Justin Purser talk to tastemakers in technology, music, art, cinema, etc. 

The Yung Flamingo Club interviews the most interesting guests on the internet. It's where the most marvelous men and women of the metaverse come to have a creative conversation in a format unlike any other show out there.  A private podcast just for you (please don't tell anyone about it) which can be heard on every platform available including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeart, Pandora, Google Podcasts, really anywhere podcasts can be found.

“Listening to Yung Flamingo Club is like taking Adderall and an Edible at the same time” - Podcast Weekly

“Yung Flamingo Club show is like Howard Stern Meets Between Two Ferns” - Ear Candy

“She admitted it on Yung Flamingo Club” - Cheatsheet

“It’s just too much!” - Express (UK)

“Blow back!” - Monsters & Critics

“Montana and Justin’s fresh format for the Yung Flamingo Club lets you learn about their famous guests in a way that reveals stories we haven't already heard them tell” - The Peoples Magazine

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