Yung Flamingo Club

We’ll be the first ones in the Metaverse, we’ll see you in there on our Flamingo Floaties In a pool sipping Cosmos. 

// Yung Flamingo Club painting (Pictured is a Flamingo wearing a necklace that says “YFC” which can be assumed stands for “Yung Flamingo Club”) by Jeff Ward.

Alright, so you came on the podcast, are you actually going to become apart of the Yung Flamingo Club? Find out after each episode.

Fun fact: A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. 

// Live at the Ace Hotel: Downtown Los Angeles with Pearl Charles.

Yung Flamingo Club is quickly becoming the de facto mix and match podcast format that everybody loves. We start a story, end a story, so the listener can digest the whole scope of the podcast within an hour. 

Season after season, we are growing a brand, we are growing and becoming the pioneer of simple mixed format podcasting.